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At Furnas do Guincho, we are committed in providing users that visit our website the highest security and privacy. Therefore, we present the Terms of Use Policy and the Privacy Policy where the users can find information and specifications about how Furnas do Guincho comply with and implement the current legislation.

This website belongs to the Restaurant Furnas do Guincho lda., a commercial shareholding society with headquarters at Estrada do Guincho, nº 126, 2750-642 Cascais.

The present Terms of Use Policy and the Privacy Policy apply to the users of our website.

By using our website, filling our forms and supplying your data, directly or indirectly, implies the knowledge and acceptance of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By providing your personal data, you are authorizing the collection, processing, use and disclosure of those data according to the rules defined here and under the existing applicable legislation.



The user is obliged to use this website without practising any act that may be considered illicit or illegal and that may affect the rights of Furnas do Guincho or of third parties or that could be an attack to morality or good manners.

The user is obliged to not practise any of the following actions:

  • Destroy, change, disable or in any other way damage the data, programs or electronic documents of Furnas do Guincho or of third parties included in this website. The practice of these actions may constitute a crime of damage punishable by law according to articles nr. 212 and subsequent of the Portuguese Penal Code;
  • Stop or hinder the access of other users to the website of Furnas do Guincho through the excessive use of computerised means that cause damage, interrupt or lead to damages or distortions in the access to the website;
  • Send excessive emails, with commercial or advertising purposes, without the consent of the recipient;
  • Read, delete, copy or change the emails of other users or attempt to do any of those actions; The practice of these actions may constitute a crime of telecommunications violation punishable by law according to article nr. 194 of the Portuguese Penal Code;
  • Use the website to try to access restricted areas of the computer systems of Furnas do Guincho or of third parties;
  • Seek to increase the privileges of a user in the system;
  • Enter programmes, virus, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any type of logical device or string of characters that cause or may cause any type of change in this website or in the computer systems of Furnas do Guincho or of third parties.



Furnas do Guincho reserves the right to deny access to its website, totally or partially, to any user that does not comply to what was established before, at any moment and without any basis or prior notice.



Furnas do Guincho are the only holders of every rights about information, tools and other contents of their website, as well as of its graphics and codes already present, except when expressly indicated that other entity holds those rights.

Furnas do Guincho does not provide any licence or use authorization regarding the intellectual property rights or any right related to its website.

The user recognizes that the use, reproduction, copy, total or partial distribution, change or commercialization of the mentioned contents, whatever its final purpose and regardless of the medium used, without previous and express content of Furnas do Guincho, is absolutely forbidden and it violates the rights of Furnas do Guincho or of the holder of those rights identified as such in the website.

The user recognizes that the information which can be accessed through the website may be protected by intellectual and industrial property rights or any other type of rights. Furnas do Guincho is not responsible, in any situation, for any violations of those rights that are committed by the user.

All the enterprises, marks or any other distinctive commercial signs contained in Furnas do Guincho’s website are legally protected.



a.For the operation of the website of Furnas do Guincho

Furnas do Guincho are not responsible for any interferences, failures, interruptions, computer viruses, errors, telephone breakdowns or connection failures that occur in the operational functioning of the electronic system caused by reasons beyond Furnas do Guincho, nor it will be held responsible for damage directly or indirectly deriving from it. Furnas do Guincho will also not be held responsible for any delay or blockage in the use of the electronic system caused by deficiencies or overloading in the telephone lines or the Internet, nor it will be held responsible for damage directly or indirectly deriving from it. Furnas do Guincho will also not be held responsible for any damage caused by third parties through illegitimate interferences in the system and that are out of Furnas do Guincho’s control.

b.Services or contents included in the website

Furnas do Guincho does not guarantee the exhaustiveness and accuracy of the information in its website, warning that it may be incomplete, may contain errors, inconsistencies our may be outdated. The user or any other interested party must check the information obtained through the website of Furnas do Guincho, by contacting the company, before taking any action in response to its contents. The information contained in this website is completely free to its users and the access to it does not create any type of commercial or professional relationship between the users and Furnas do Guincho.

Furnas do Guincho can freely change the information contained in its website at any time and without prior notice. Furnas do Guincho does not assume any type of compromise but acts in good faith when updating the information contained in its website.

Furnas do Guincho is not responsible for any damage or harm, direct or indirect, derived from the use of the information contained in its website.

c.Services or contents provided by third parties

The links and hypertexts contained in this website which allow the user to access services provided by third parties do not belong nor are under the control of Furnas do Guincho. Therefore, Furnas do Guincho is not responsible for the information contained in those nor for the eventual contractual relationship that may arise. Furnas do Guincho will not be held responsible for any damage or harm that may result from the services provided or supplied by third parties through their website.


The district court of Cascais shall be empowered to settle any question or dispute that may arise from the use of this website or from the contractual relationship that may be established between the user and Furnas do Guincho or between the user and a third party through this website, with express exclusion of any other jurisdiction.



Personal data are any information, of any nature and regardless of the support used, related to a singular identified or identifiable person (data owner).

A singular person is considered identifiable when they can be identified, directly or indirectly mainly by reference of a name, identification number, localization data, identifiers by electronic means or to one or more specific elements of its physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economical, cultural or social identity.

Apart from the already specified data and that mainly derive from the use in the present website and always through a voluntary previous action of the data owner to that same end, the following personal data can also be used: email address, name and telephone number.



Data processing consists in an operation or set of operations performed on the personal data or sets of personal data, through automated means or not, mainly the collection, registration, organization, structure, conservation, adaptation, recovery, consultation, use, disclosure, diffusion, comparison, interconnection, limitation, removal or disposal.

For this purpose, Furnas do Guincho adopted the necessary technical and organizational safety measures in order to protect the personal data of their users and clients against its unlawful processing, namely its diffusion, loss, misuse, change, unauthorized processing or access.

Furnas do Guincho ensures that the data provided by its users and clients are processed in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, from the 27th of April 2016 and other relevant national legislation.

Furnas do Guincho uses their users and clients’ personal data to ensure a targeted offer, carrying out marketing campaigns and using customer segmentation techniques.

Identification of the person responsible for data processing:
Name: Alexandre Ramos
Headquarters: Restaurante Furnas do Guincho, lda.
Tax ID number: 501 726 870
Telephone: (+351) 21 486 92 43
E-mail: info@furnasdoguincho.pt



a.Incognito browsing on the website
In case of incognito mode, Furnas do Guincho will only obtain and maintain the following data from the users:
  • The server domain number that provides access to the network;
  • The day and hour of the access to the website. This data allows to analyse the hours of most influx to our website and make the necessary adjustments to avoid saturation problems in the hours of greatest influx;
  • The daily number of users of each area of the website and its trail.

All these data protect the anonymity of the user, do not substantiate personal data and, in any case, can be susceptible to lead to the identification of a certain user.

b.Browsing with cookies

Furnas do Guincho website uses cookies. Cookies are small data files with relevant information that the access device (computer, telephone/smartphone or tablet) charges through the browser when the website is visited by the user and they allow to know, besides the data already mentioned in point a Incognito mode on the website, information about:

    • The day and time of the last visit to the website;
    • Demographical and interests elements;
    • Security elements from controlling access to the restricted areas.

Cookies allow to improve the performance and experience of navigation of their users, increasing the efficiency of the answer and eliminating the need to repeatedly introduce the same information.

Cookies only retain the information related to the users’ preferences that can, at any moment and through their Internet browser, decide to be notified about the use of cookies as well as block their entrance in their system. All browsers allow the user to accept, refuse or delete cookies, namely through the selection of appropriate definitions in their respective browser. You can configure Cookies in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser.

Cookies only retain information related to your preferences, not including, therefore, your personal data.

Furnas do Guincho uses analytical cookies – used only for statistical creation and analysis, never collecting personal information – and permanent cookies – used to direct navigation according to the users’ preferences – which allows Furnas do Guincho to provide a more personalized service. Furnas do Guincho keeps the data collected for a period of 38 months, after which the data are deleted.



The user’s identification is total since it is the user that, voluntarily, introduces their data in the form available.

Therefore, the form in which the data are introduced contains an authorization clause whose acceptance means the user gives its full consent to the processing of the given data.

The user can check the purpose of use of their data in the respective consent clause, namely the identity of the person responsible for data processing, the recipients or categories of recipients of the data and the mandatory or optional character of the answer, as well as the possible consequences of not answering.



Furnas do Guincho guarantees to all their users the right to exercise their rights, in the terms provided by the current legislation, specifically:

      • Right of access, which means, access the information that Furnas do Guincho maintains about the user and the purpose of data processing;
      • Right of correction which consists in rectifying the respective personal data that can be inaccurate or incomplete;
      • Right of deletion, which means, the user may demand the deletion of the respective personal data;
      • Right of opposition to the processing of their personal data;
      • Right to portability which consists in the possibility to transfer their personal data to another entity;
      • Right of complaint to the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (www.cnpd.pt) (Portuguese Data Protection Authority), in case they consider that any of the rights listed are being violated and considering that the personal data violates Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and other relevant national legislation.

Upon acceptance of this Privacy Policy, the user gives its informed, free, express and unequivocal consent that the personal data provided through the website of Furnas do Guincho are submitted to data processing, in the terms of the current legislation.

However, any change requested by the user does not void any processing made until that date based on the consent previously given.

For the exercise of their rights, including the access to their data or requirement to correct them, to delete them or oppose to their processing in the terms of the law, users can require it, at all times, by written form, through any of the following means including, in any of these cases, the copy of any document that proves their identity and specifying the rights or rights they wish to exercise.
E-mail: info@furnasdoguincho.pt
Address, by registered letter: Estrada do Guincho nº 126, 2750-642 Cascais, Portugal.

Furnas do Guincho reserves the right to, at any moment, modify or update the present Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Therefore, we suggest that you check upon our website regularly to be up to date with potential changes.

Thank you for your time.